usa Chess and advanced Video classes
August 12-16, 2013
Chess Camp
Ages 5-15, Introductory-Advanced

USA Chess is the largest and premier chess camp organizer for children in the United States. Their staff is comprised of the finest children’s chess instructors in North America.  Registration options include mornings, afternoon and all-day sessions. Campers experience chess instruction and play in a fun filled environment designed to improve their skills whether they are interested in casual or competitive chess. Tuition includes trophy, chess set and much more. Please visit: for details. Registration must take place directly with USA Chess and not through Rockland Country Day School.  

Introductory Video Game Creation
Ages 8-15 Introductory - Intermediate, MS Windows

Starting with basic commands, campers will be taught in a step-by-step progression how to build a game that they design. Camp begins with an introduction to Game Maker software including adding rooms, building walls, adding backgrounds, warping to new levels, music, sound effects, and many other great techniques. The first few days focus on programming basics and by late week, the children are well on their way to creating their own unique game. At the end of camp, each child is provided access to our custom download site. From this site they can download GameMaker LITE software, their games, our custom walk-through guide, and resource folder. Campers can continue to develop their game and create new ones as well. Finally they will receive t-shirts, trophies, and a certificate with their photo.

Video Game Creation – The Sequel
Ages 8-15 Introductory - Intermediate, MS Windows

In the spirit of Mario, Sonic, Samus and other legendary video-game stars, we present our newest camp class! Campers use Game Maker software to create a side-scrolling, platform game, with running, jumping, falling, climbing, blasting, and enemy stomping! Students will learn how to program real world physics of gravity and friction, as well as plotting out head scratching mazes for themselves and other avid gamers to solve! Actual programming techniques will be used to create power-ups and saved game data during the journey. Each student’s game will be a unique adventure programmed entirely by him or her! Additionally campers will receive access to our custom download site featuring thousands of games as well as a t-shirt, certificate with their photo and a trophy.

For more information please visit: or call 888.652.4377.
Registration must take place directly with USA Chess and not through Rockland Country Day School.

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