The Ellen Nodelman Creativity Center

On a daily basis we work with students to problem-solve, communicate, collaborate, and create. The Ellen Nodelman Creativity Center will provide students with more opportunities and experiences to support their inquiries and curiosity.  The Center is named for a long-time employee who has shepherded two generations of RCDS students through the articulation and achievement of their educational trajectory as they leave RCDS, attend college/university, and become successful and global citizens.

We know that creativity is not solely reserved for the Arts. Creativity can be seen in the ways a child solves a math problem, engages with their environment, or approaches an idea.  In an expansion of our Nodelman Media Center plans, the current library building will become the home of a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) lab. Students from all divisions will be able to explore science, math, and art concepts through the use of fabrication machines like 3-D scanners and printers, and use technology to create art, music, videos, applications, games, structures and "bots." Our Creativity Center will require the hiring of a new full-time person to teach classes that will facilitate student independent and class-based projects. 

All donors who give at the $5,000 level and above to the Ellen Nodelman Creativity Center will be acknowledged with a plaque in their honor bearing the family’s name. This plaque will be located in the Center.

Our Creativity Center will have a dedication wall with the names of all who contribute to the Magnolia Fund in support of the “Ellen Nodelman Creativity Center.”  The goal is to raise enough money to purchase the hardware, furniture, and software needed to create our Center in our current library space. 

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