The Middle School

The Middle School at Rockland Country Day School is not just a building or a collection of classes but a time. It’s a time when our students become aware of increased physical changes; it’s a time when they are beginning to organize knowledge and concepts into problem strategies; it’s a time when they also begin to organize their surroundings; it’s a time when they begin to develop friendships with others; it’s a time when they start to gain a sense of independence; and it’s a time when they develop a sense of personal principles and values.

Given all that, it would seem a daunting task for any child to navigate. However, there are many facets of our program that make the middle school transition and experience a safe one.

For instance, our program is developed around the physical, psychological, intellectual, social, and moral needs of our students. It is a student-centered philosophy. Our students play an active role in their education from participating in the student government to appropriately and effectively advocating for their educational needs through our advisory system. Throughout the year the Middle School program offers team-building and confidence-building activities such as the Frost Valley trip.

Our program is further strengthened by our dedicated, professional and highly qualified teachers. They help our students navigate through these joyful and challenging times. Our Middle School teachers have experience working with this age group and are committed to the education of our students. They also have knowledge of the needs and characteristics of the age group and have mastered varied teaching techniques which promote active rather than passive learning. When our teachers speak of our students, they do it with great insight and great compassion. The teachers at the heart of our program are our Middle School Advisors; they are the liaison between home and school. The primary role of the advisor is to be an advocate for each of his/her advisees. In summation, our teachers know our students.

Finally, this endeavor of ours is a human one. We are a process school. What that means is that we look to nourish our students intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We look to educate the whole child. To further foster that goal, there is an articulation between the Children’s School and the Middle School and articulation between Middle School and Upper School to make the transitions for our students as smooth as possible.

A typical Middle School academic program includes the following:

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
English English English
Integrated Math &
Physical Science
Pre-Algebra  Algebra
  Life Science Earth Science
History History History
Spanish or French Spanish or French Spanish or French
Art, Music, Drama Art, Music, Drama Art, Music, Drama
Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall

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