College Guidance

At RCDS, the college process is a natural outgrowth of the RCDS experience with its emphasis on academic and personal growth and on the individual and the community. Just as students are encouraged to explore all the possibilities open to them in both the academic and co-curricular realm and to take on challenges of many different sorts, so they are expected to enter the college process with an open mind and, with the support of the school, to turn what can otherwise be an daunting, even overwhelming, ordeal into an exciting journey of self-discovery.

The College Process, shifts into high gear in the junior year when students meet with the college counselor in a weekly College Prep class. We discuss the range of colleges to which a student should apply; the range of timing options for applications; creating a college application as a portfolio that demonstrates each student’s specific strengths; standardized tests (schedule and strategies); the actual application process itself and what that entails.

In the senior year, students meet with the college counselor in a weekly Senior Seminar, giving everyone a chance to catch up on their progress. Seniors also meet individually with the college counselor throughout the year, both in regularly scheduled meetings and as needed. In January of each school year, Juniors and their parents begin meeting with the counselor as well. The counselor drafts with each student a working plan not only for finding a good range of schools but for preparing the best applications possible for those schools. 

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