Founder's Statement


The principal aim of Rockland Country Day School is to provide an academic curriculum and intellectual environment suitable for young people preparing for advanced education in the arts and sciences.


Two conditions are necessary for the success of this aim.  These are, first, a well-trained and humanistically-oriented faculty and, second, an atmosphere that encourages intellectual and artistic interests and initiative.  These conditions go hand in hand.  They are never to be taken for granted, and they must be continuously reinforced by cooperative discussion among faculty, students, administration, parents, and trustees.  From the beginning, it has been our purpose to build a school that would have sufficient depth and life to make this constant re-examination inseparable from its very character.


A good curriculum does not in itself make a good school.  The faculty must embody, in its mastery of materials, its methods of teaching, and its relationships with students, a dependable, encouraging, and concerned view of life. 


The freedom of the student, the courage to reach out beyond oneself even at a certain risk, must be cherished even while the school seeks to give that freedom and courage a responsible, meaningful, and mentally disciplined context.  The student must be recognized and rewarded for intellectual, artistic, and moral effort and achievement; for this recognition to be felt as truly responsive, it is necessary that the teaching staff respect and show true courtesy toward the student body.


A school that is guided by these principles, and that wishes to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the larger community around it, faces a constant need to re-examine itself and to shun complacency.



Adopted by The Board of Trustees, Rockland Country Day School 1961


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